A Girl’s Puppy Sensed Danger and Saved Her From the Worst

I live in a city with my 9-month-old golden retriever puppy. He’s the sweetest boy and loves every dog and person he sees on the street and in the park.

I was walking back from the dog park with my happy puppy and an older man on a bike yelled across the street that he was cute, so I laughed and said, “Thank you.” The man then took this as an invitation to bicycle over to me and stopped right next to me.

He began to ask me questions and the encounter went from pleasant to irritating. “How old are you? Are you in school? What’s your puppy’s name?” he asked.

I told him my boyfriend was in med school and waiting for me (he’s actually out of the country, so this wasn’t true), and to have a nice day, yet he proceeded to go “Mannnnnnn, everyone has a boyfriend…” and bicycled next to me down the path back to my apartment, even though I was clearly walking away from him and he had been going the other way.

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