A Girl Plays Young Versions of So Many Popular Characters, We Bet You Know Her Too

Inspired by Shirley Temple, Mckenna Grace started acting when she was just 5 years old. Now she’s 13 and she already has more than 50 projects in her filmography. Her secret is that she’s passionate and takes every opportunity, never turning down the smallest of roles. She made a 1-second cameo on Ready Player One between filming her other projects because she wanted to be in a Steven Spielberg movie so badly.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve found Hollywood’s next brightest star. There’s no iconic role that made her famous straight away but there’s no way you wouldn’t recognize this girl even if you don’t think you’ve ever seen her before. And we’re ready to prove it to you!

It feels like whenever someone shoots a flashback, they just call Mckenna, who they must have on speed dial. She’s appeared in such a wide range of movies that you’ve probably seen her at least once. Here are some of the most popular characters she has portrayed:

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