A Couple Dedicated Their Life to Raise Foster Children, and They’re Already Happy Parents of 14

We are from Russia, and exclusively for Bright Side, I want to share our story with you and tell you a little bit about what life in a large foster family is like and how we deal.

We’d been discussing it, and after a couple of years we decided that we want to have our own baby and when the baby was old enough, we wanted to take one or 2 children from an orphanage.

We got our first children in 2007: Sonya (2 years old), Slava (9 years old), and Tanya (15 years old). But it just didn’t stop at this point, and in the following 2 years, we had already become parents of 9 children: I gave birth to our son Lev, and we took Ruslan (12 years old), Karina (3 years old), Emma (16 years old), Katya (15 years old), and Kolya (13 years old).

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