A Brief History Of Why America’s Healthcare System Sucks

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Isn’t it kind of weird that your boss can decide whether you die of cancer? That’s effectively the logic behind employer-based health insurance. If you have it, you can get chemotherapy; if you don’t, then go ahead and be independently wealthy. If you can’t even manage that, then just die already.

Americans do not apply this logic to other necessary services. It’s not like if your house is on fire, the fireman says, “Sorry, you don’t have coverage for this, so if you want me to save your house, I’m going to need $250,000. That’s just to start. Steve’s really the door specialist, though, and that’s gonna be a whole other set of charges …” So why aren’t doctors provided as a public service like firemen, police officers, teachers, or lawyers? As with many terrible things in life, from the Cowboys to presidential assassinations, you can thank Dallas.

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