9 Quick Ways to Fix a Self-Tan Gone Terribly Wrong

So, if you’re starting your fake tan journey for the very first time—or even if you’re a seasoned pro who makes a mistake every now and again—do yourself a favor and grab one of these top-rated oils, creams, exfoliators, and sprays, below, before you get started. I’ll save myself the public embarrassment by admitting just how terrible my first self-tan came out (I’ve since gotten the hang of it, k?) but I will say that these babies are actual life savers. Trust me, an actual newb.

If it’s been a few days since you applied your tan and you want to start over with an even base, try a tan remover. This mitt from St. Tropez works to gently wipe away old tan—just lightly buff and rub it in circles over your wet skin to lift a layer of pigment.

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