9 Photos Capturing Belarusian Resistance In Response To Authorities Removing White-Red-White Belarusian Flags Without Any Explanation

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As you probably already know, Belarus is currently gripped by mass protests, that were triggered by a staged election that was rigged in favour of the longtime leader Alexander Lukashenko. These past few weeks, thousands and thousands of people have been taking to the streets of Minsk, the capital, to fight for freedom and show their stance on the recent presidential election.

Over the past few weeks, the white-red-white historical Belarus flag has become the most significant symbol of the protests. This symbol is not the official flag of Belarus, but it was back when the country was a separate state in 1918-1919 and was brought back again in 1991 until Lukashenko decided to change it. After a while, it sort of became a symbol of freedom and now it turned into a symbol of protests.

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