8 Tricks That Help Royal Women Look Flawless in Any Situation

The female representatives of the British Royal Family receive the attention of millions. And they simply have no room for error. Even Meghan Markle, who officially renounced her royal title earlier this year, is no exception. Therefore, in order to always look flawless, the best half of the royal house uses some little tricks. Kate Middleton, for example, wears anti-slip tights with barely noticeable gel non-slip grips during formal events, while Meghan Markle prefers bodysuit tops over regular blouses.

At Bright Side, we sincerely admire the grace of the royal ladies and we learned about the tricks they use to always look flawless. At the end of the article, we’ll uncover the tricks used by the late Princess Diana, and why Queen Elizabeth II always wears gloves (and it has nothing to do with fashion).

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