8 Places You Should Never Use Free Wi-Fi

anyaberkut/Getty ImagesWe get it: You just want to get online quickly and without a lot of hassle. Who doesn’t? But if you don’t avoid free Wi-Fi at some key locations and follow a few safety precautions, you could be leaving yourself and your device open to hackers. And guess what—that’s exactly what they’re counting on. Here’s what you need to know to keep your data safe when you’re on the go.

Another issue is that many public locations usually ask for something in return for free Wi-Fi, such as personal information like your email address or social-media log-ins. This exchange can be problematic. “The latter is especially concerning, since if you connect using social-media accounts or Google, your data will be accessible to hackers if the network is compromised,” he explains. Arezina recommends using an alternate email as a precaution. And if you must give out personal info, he suggests limiting it to your phone number, since it technically can’t be hacked the same way social-media accounts can.

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