7 Feel-Good Stories About People Who Help Others and Don’t Ask for Anything in Return

A random act of kindness, like donating 11 pairs of shoes, can change a person’s day, or even their life, for the better. It is nice to hear that there are people who protect others and help the poor, like the person who gave away their 3-bedroom house, just to make someone else’s life easier.

We at Bright Side are always inspired by new heroes and believe in miracles, especially during Christmas time.

Instead of returning them back to the company, he donated the shoes to help refugees in Toronto. After his post on Reddit, the company just let him keep them for free. And you can see the police officers in the pic who helped the guy carry all the boots.

It is an act of kindness to donate clothes, food, or equipment, but there are some brave people like this woman, who decided to change someone’s whole life for the better.

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