7 Curious Facts Your Appearance Says About You

Bright Side put together 7 scientific studies for you which prove that a human’s face can say something really interesting about their personality. Even the way people pose for the camera can say a lot about their character. You will find a bonus in the end that will show that appearances can be very deceiving.

A study conducted by scientists from the University College London showed that men with a high level of testosterone have broad faces and thick cheekbones. The level of this hormone has a direct connection with aggressiveness, dominance, and a rebellious spirit. By the way, women subconsciously feel it.

To demonstrate his theory, Todorov asked students to assess the appearance of different composite portraits. People with child-like facial features, like round faces and big eyes, seemed to be fragile, naive, obedient, sincere, and kind. While gloomy, ugly, asymmetric faces were associated with unfriendly personalities.

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