6 Considerations When Deciding Whether Or Not To Send The Kids To Camp This Year

Slowly but surely, things are starting to open back up. It’s partially a relief. Yet, it also feels like just about the most confusing time to be alive ever.

We’ve all been told to practice social distancing for months. But now it looks a lot like we have more options than we thought we would. Many people think it’s too much too soon.

Others are rushing to get their kids back to doing some “normal” activities, like going to friend’s houses, the local pool, and of course, summer camp.

The fact of the matter is, while we know there is some risk involved in just about everything we do these days, people have to make tough choices right now. If camps in your area are opening up for the summer, for some people, that just might be the only option. If you have other childcare options, such as childcare with only a couple of kids, or a relative’s house they can go to part-time, those options may be safer, given the number of people they’ll be around will be much smaller.

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