20+ Things That Are So Awfully Big, It’s Inappropriate

To evaluate the size of an object, we need to compare it with something. In theory, we all know that whale sharks are huge or that giant sequoias can be way taller than skyscrapers. But no words can be as persuasive as the real photos that make us feel like bugs living on this enormously big planet.

Bright Side has always been amazed by the wonders of our planet and we can’t stop sharing our emotions with you. At the end of the article, you’ll find a cute bonus: a cat that feels like a grain of sand too.

Actress Kristin Chenoweth (her height is 4’9’’) and basketball player Boban Maryanovich (his height is 7’3’’)

The rusty-spotted cat is the tiniest cat in the world. It weighs less than 2 lbs and is 1.5–2 times smaller than our domesticated feline friends.

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