20+ Photos That Are Just As Warm As the Spring Sunshine

Not all days are equally good. Some of them are like never-ending Mondays and we really need a rush of positive emotions. This photo compilation is meant to bring joy to you. It’s got brave firemen, the birthday of a dog, and a moving meeting of sisters that will remind you that there are more good things in the world than there are bad ones.

A girl from the Philippines didn’t have a prom dress because her parents couldn’t afford it. Her brother designed the dress, bought the materials, and turned his room into a workshop. And here is the result.

A woman with 2 children left her alcoholic husband and lived in such terrible conditions that child services took her daughter. She didn’t have any money to change her situation. And then these 2 guys agreed to do the renovations for free to reunite the family. Other people helped with materials and money too. Child services have already agreed to return the child to her mother.

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