20 People Whose Visit to the Gym Turned Into an Interesting Situation

We doubt that many people go to the gym specifically to meet funny people or to participate in intriguing situations there. But the Universe often has its own plans. And internet users have a bunch of exciting stories about going to the gym: some people found out whether or not cat food can help you gain muscle, others came up with an original way to get up early in the morning, and someone found out that there may be a very weird dress code in the sauna.

We at Bright Side are glad we didn’t miss these stories from people who will remember their visit to the gym for the rest of their lives, even if they weren’t ready for what happened.

I work out at a gym. I once saw a guy who looked like my old friend and I was going to say hi to him. He headed in my direction and I greeted him. When he got closer, I realized that it wasn’t my friend, but some random guy. I wasn’t taken aback since this wasn’t the first time I had ever been in this situation So we were sitting next to each other, smiling, and he was talking to me like we had known each other for ages. I thought that he might have known me from somewhere. So I decided to confess and tell him that I have bad eyesight, so I mistook him for my friend… And he replied to me:

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