20+ Absurd Situations That Only Cat Owners Could Get Into

Our pets are not just fluffy interior decorations. They become members of our families with their own quirks and character traits. And some of them even have full authority over their owners. The last statement is especially true for the representatives of the cat family.

We at Bright Side are in love with cats and their owners who shared the stories about their pets with mixed feelings of pride and shame.

A friend of mine had a very capricious boyfriend and an ill-mannered cat. When her relationship started to go downhill, because her boyfriend was very hard to please, she decided to change the situation. She prepared a romantic dinner, bought an expensive steak for her boyfriend (she’s a vegetarian), and beautifully set the table. When her boyfriend came and sat at the table, her cat snuck out the expensive steak. So my friend just took the meat from the cat’s mouth, cut off the piece with the traces of the cat’s teeth, and put the rest on the plate (as she later said, she was just shocked and confused about what to do). Then she wondered why this guy didn’t eat the meat and disappeared soon after.

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