2 Guys Create Vegan Leather Made From Cactus That’ll Put an End to Animal Cruelty

We at Bright Side support all initiatives that mean fewer animals will suffer and the world will be a better place, and this is exactly the type of cause we can get behind.

Up until now, the company has been able to utilize cactus leather in many ways, creating handbags, car seats, shoes, and even apparel. And since the material is completely organic, the leather is breathable, which has often proven to be a problem when it comes to synthetic alternatives.

Furthermore, another important environmentally-friendly fact is that cactus leather is partially biodegradable and contains zero plastic. The fact that it’s biodegradable makes this material even more valuable.

Thanks to its durability and high resistance to low temperatures, this organic, sustainable product can replace the use of animal leather and other synthetic materials that are not environmentally-friendly.

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