18 Parodies of Famous Paintings That Seem to Be Cooler Than the Originals

Boredom is the engine of process. A new flash mob has started on the Internet and it’s currently trending. Internet users try to recreate famous paintings with objects they have at hand and use everything from packaging materials to their pets.

We at Bright Side are amazed by the imaginations that art lovers possess and have picked out the best works that prove you can create a masterpiece from food or random things that are lying around the house.

“You can see a jumping girl, Arina; the Cornish Rex, Freckle, who is a bit shocked because of all this overwork; a dad in the role of a gymnastic horse; and a mom, who knows how to get the camera focused as quickly as possible. The apparent ease of this picture hides numerous attempts to take the photo in addition to a lot of laughter, tears, and a bit of hissing.”

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