18 Celebrities Who’ve Worked on Over 100 Films Over the Course of Their Careers

Films and TV series manage to conquer us. They captivate us with their stories and unique experiences. A big chunk of that power lies in the moving performances of actors. The actors on this list not only accomplished their dreams of becoming performers but they also made their mark in our collective memories.

Bright Side put together this list of actors who’ve participated in more than 100 film productions, according to IMDb, and will undoubtedly be remembered for their incredible work.

His career in cinema began in 1985 when he was given a role as a convict in the movie Runaway Train. Years later, he starred in Animal Factory, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and The Devil’s Rejects. His characters always carry the names of bladed weapons, hence the famous pseudonym “Machete,” a role he played in Spy Kids which gave him the nickname.

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