16 Pets That Are So Emotional, Their Humans Can Read Them Like an Open Book

While we live side by side with our pets, we seem to acquire an important talent — reading their feelings and emotions. Whether it’s a tail resting on our shoulders as a sign of affection, or a gaze full of suspicion that they give us on the way to the vet, we never miss their subtle signals. Some of us have mastered the skill of scanning our pets’ moods so amazingly, that we even have time to grab our phones and take a shot of our cats and dogs acting out.

Here at Bright Side we’ve looked through the internet in search of pets who are amazing at showing their whole range of feelings, from guilt to astonishment, and here are our top 16.

Do you have any emotional pictures of your pets to share with us? Post them in the comments, and let’s see whose pets are best at showing their mood!

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