15 Bright Side Readers Recalled How They Spent Their First Salary

Once you go down the road of nostalgia, it’s hard not to get caught up in memories and Bright Side users are no exception. They didn’t hesitate to share their most moving stories about what they did with their first paycheck. When you read stories like the ones we’ve compiled, it really makes you think twice about how lucky you are. For example, some users spent their first salary on basic commodities or on a pair of shoes for their mom.

Today at Bright Side, we’d like to share these unforgettable stories with you as a tribute to the hard-working people who look back at their first buy with nostalgia, recognizing how they succeeded in life.

What do you think of these stories shared by other readers? What did you do with your first salary? Share your memories with us in the comment section and let other Bright Side readers know how you spent your first paycheck!

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