15 Breeds Of Small Dogs That Make Perfect Buddies For The Whole Family

My two kids have been pushing me to get a puppy for years. Instead, we have one very old, very lazy dog.

Plus, they’re extremely portable. Now, a lot of people love big dogs and I totally get that as the owner of a big dog myself. But the more I think about adding a new addition to our family, the better and better a small dog starts to look.

O.M.G. If you’re a fan of huskies, you’re gonna love these cuties. Huskies themselves are already totally adorable. But the Alaskan Klee Kai is a smaller, more puppy-like version! They only ever weigh up to 15 pounds making them the perfect pup for smaller homes, or families that don’t want a larger dog. They’re known to be great cuddle-buddies but have a good amount of energy making them great for families with kids.

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