13 Things Mothers Wish They’d Known Before Getting Their C-Section

We at Bright Side are sure that giving birth is a miracle no matter how it’s done. And women who have experienced the surgery are here to spread some light on the topic.

Although having a cesarean is common, this is a major operation that requires anesthesia. Mothers have a deep cut, which subsequently closes in several stages. First, the incision in the uterus is sutured, the abdominal wall is restored, and then braces or sutures are applied to the skin. It all sounds horrifying but you won’t see anything because the lower part of the body will be hidden behind a screen. The only thing you’ll see is your baby.

One important part of the operation is the insertion of a catheter into the bladder. Don’t worry, this is done to empty the bladder. A full one will put pressure on the uterus, so it’s necessary for the uterus to contract better after childbirth. This reduces the likelihood of damage to it during the operation.

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