13 Celebrities Who Have an Exotic Pet as Part of Their Family

All those who have a pet at home raise your hands! If you raised yours, congratulations! An animal always brings joy and tenderness. Fortunately, many celebrities love their pets and love to share photos of them on their social networks. And of course, you’re undoubtedly thinking of cats or dogs, or maybe even a hamster. But no. We’re talking about celebrities who’ve adopted animals as extravagant as they are, but no less charming.

At Bright Side we love animals as much as you do! So we want to share with you some images of celebrities with the exotic pets they once had or still have today.

Which of these animals impacted you the most? Do you have any unusual pets? Would you like to share a photo of them? Then do it! You can share it with us in the comment section. We’d be happy to meet them!

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