12 exquisitely beautiful childhood memories

Everything is different when you’re a child: the trees are higher, the colours are brighter, and every new day is more interesting that the last. Even more importantly, some things happen that stay in our memory for a long time – in fact, sometimes they end up being with us forever.

For those who remember those moments from their childhood, Bright Side collected the following beautiful anecdotes – from the amusing to the sublime and touching. Maybe something similar happened to you as well?

When I was seven: “Hurray! I am finally going with my grandma to the countryside!”
When I was 14: “Parents are so annoying with their rules!”
When I was 20: “It seems like grandma went crazy. She rips up the grass all day long. I would understand if it was next to the flowers or something, but what is wrong with the grass by the fence?”
At 25: “The countryside is only useful for having a barbecue…”
35: “Should we try to grow some radishes in the garden?”
45: “The garden’s full of veggies at last!”
60: “Look at the state of that fence, all the grass is growing next to it…”
78: “I have to carry their super heavy backpacks to the house. Neither my children nor my grandchildren help me with the garden. They say it’s not worth it, they can buy the groceries for me. And only my great grandson makes me happy. He is so excited that it’s summer again and we can go to the countryside. Life goes on…”

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