11 Celebrities Who Proved That Simplicity Is Power

It often seems that celebrities don’t understand the life of an ordinary person. Yet there are those who, in spite of unlimited financial possibilities, prefer simplicity, and by that cause our infinite respect and admiration.

Mademoiselle Coco greatly facilitated the life of all the women of the world who had to wear bulky hats with feathers and layered dresses. She created the famous “little black dress” and made men’s wardrobe elements ultra trendy: jackets, blouses with ties, hats, umbrellas, and cufflinks. She wore all of it herself, showing how luxurious a woman can look in such outfits.

The founder of Facebook is very laconic in choosing outfits, so simple gray T-shirts predominate in his wardrobe. As he himself admits, clothes aren’t the thing he intends to spend time on. And this is despite the fact the young billionaire’s income would allow him to buy hundreds of items of famous brands every day.

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