10 Awesome Life Hacks You Can Learn in Just One Minute

We at Bright Side gathered 10 amazing life hacks you can learn in one minute, that will change your life forever.

Everyone has been in a situation like this at least once and sometimes sending an e-mail to the wrong person can be really embarrassing. To avoid this in the future just make sure to choose the recipient after you’ve already written the message.

Not everyone can apologize sincerely and sometimes this leads to conflict escalation. To sound more sincere try not to excuse yourself. This means you shouldn’t use the word “but” because it sounds like you’re trying to shift the blame to the other person.

If you accidentally sent an e-mail to the wrong recipient, or just sent an unfinished e-mail there is a very useful life hack for you. Gmail accounts allow you to enable “Undo send” in the settings, the maximum time for you to undo the message is 30 seconds.

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