10+ Passengers That Would Turn Any Flight Into A Nightmare If They Sat Next To You

Anyone who’s flown the friendly skies knows there’s not much that’s friendly about it. Some people tend to spread out their stuff, litter, take off their shoes, invade others’ space and just generally become rude people. No one gets a pass to be gross just because you’re hundreds of miles up in the air. Here’s a Hall of Fame for the nastiest people you may see on a flight.

Someone forgot to take their disgusting crumbs with them, though it looks like they may have kicked each group of potato chips into separate piles. That grease isn’t going to come out easy.

Perhaps people who put their nasty, dirty feet on the back of the armrest think that after they leave, someone’s going to sanitize every place they’ve touched on the plane. But that’s wishful thinking. Keep those germs to yourself, please.

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